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Antonio Serrano, foto 1

The superlative artist of the chromatic harmonica. A magical combination of virtuosity and inspiration that captivates all audiences. In addition to mastering jazz records, classical music, tango or pop, he is the first to introduce the harmonica in flamenco, consolidating this innovation by being part of Paco de Lucía’s group.

For the current edition of the festival, Antonio Serrano offers us a repertoire of Blues, Swing and Ragtime that shows an unusual facet of the chromatic harmonica. A unique show to enjoy one of the best musicians of our time.


In this session, Antonio Serrano will share his technical and expressive knowledge of the chromatic harmonica, giving methodology and tools to improve from any level.

stéphane laidet, foto 1

He broke the mold by promoting the role of the harmonica in big formations such as the group ”Color Humano” with a strong impact in Spain and Latin America in the nineties. The great melodic technique, the play of octaves and his knowledge of percussion determine a surprising singular style. Musician and producer of the international company ”Teatro de los Sentidos” creates sensory shows where the music accompanies us sweetly like a soundtrack. Now he presents the album ”À l’oreille” with the ensemble ”Le Petit Comité”, musicians and actors who, with their compositions tinged with curiosity and play, take us on a journey with island rhythms, beats from distant mountain ranges and flamenco sounds of the arid Andalusian lands.


With practical examples, we will analyze the relationships between modes of the major scale and musical styles such as flamenco, Latin music or American folk and learn rhythms where the harmonica can play an interesting role.


Juraj Schweigert, foto 1

A benchmark of the new generation of prodigious performers. Started at a young age in rock and blues bands, he soon opened up his musical field by playing with jazz artists or collaborating with the Slovak Philharmonic Orchestra.

His latest album Spin-Off exhibits this versatility with original and innovative melodies. Fusing the blues with elegance and sophistication. He is also a prolific creator of didactic material on the internet and his masterclasses have followers all over the world.

mingo balaguer, foto 1

More than 30 years on stage and 17 albums released, endorse his experience as a harmonica player and blues singer, not only in our country, but beyond our borders.

Besides being involved in many musical projects, he has been working for many years as a freelance musician, working with the most prestigious blues musicians of the national and international scene, playing at blues festivals and events in countries such as the United States, Germany, France, Indonesia, Georgia, Luxembourg, Portugal and Sofia among others.


Amplified harmonica creates your own sound. We learn about using different microphones, amplifiers, pedals and accessories.

Capable of taking the harmonica to surprising limits, Joan Pau Cumellas is one of the most outstanding performers in Spain. Passionate about this instrument, he explores its possibilities in styles such as blues, jazz or bluegrass with unique versatility, with 12 albums published and present in more than 80 other recordings. We also hear his harmonica in commercials and soundtracks.


Techniques to improve fluency with the instrument. Playing with rhythms that imitate the sound of steam trains and copying ideas from other instruments to enrich our phrasing.

One of the most active harmonicists in Germany and who often performs in Europe with
blues artists. He combines harmonica and nature in his "Outdoorharp" courses where, in
addition to playing, the participants improve their lung and respiratory health. He is a deep
connoisseur of the history of this small instrument and has taken the German Harmonica
Museum on tour around the world in different exhibitions.

The history of the harmonica explained by one of the world's experts. The origins,
inventors, models, anecdotes and curiosities of this fantastic instrument. A fun session
open to everyone. With music, images and live performance.

Holger HoBo Daub Web:


How is playing harmonica related to practices like yoga or tai-chi? Are there similarities
between pranayama and harmonica rhythms?

In this workshop we will explore the way we breathe and the postures we adopt when we play
harmonica, we will also look into the importance of our diaphragm in order to improve the
control of our breathing. We will compare kapalabhati breathing with DeFord Bailey’s fox
chase and train imitations, and we will finally see how circular breathing and the path to learn
this technique can bring more consciousness into our playing..